As individuals, we seek out others to communicate with to fulfill basic needs and interpersonal purposes. But when we do not have the opportunity to fulfill these needs, we crave to communicate even more.

As individuals, we seek out others to communicate with to fulfill basic needs and interpersonal purposes. But when we do not have the opportunity to fulfill these needs, we crave to communicate even more. Communication contexts have morphed to include not only face-to-face interactions, but online social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. These sites, as well as emailing or texting, may have changed the definition of interpersonal communication with messaging and collective chats becoming more commonplace. But are these mediated forms of communication fulfilling our basic needs and interpersonal purposes?

Part I. Answer the following questions in paragraph form. You may want to offer a personal example to describe your ideas:

  1. How can social network sites, emailing, or texting be used to fulfill (or not fulfill) the needs of interpersonal communication?
  2. Do you think we interact through social network sites, emailing or texting in ways different than in face-to-face communication? How? Why?
  3. Have you ever experienced problems encoding or decoding online messages such as on Facebook or over email? What can you do to reduce the ambiguity of computer-mediated messages?
  4. Watch the Sherry Turkle TED Talk and respond to the following question: How can social networking sites, emailing, or texting be used in both positive and negative ways to enhance as well as harm interpersonal relationships?

Part II. Communication and relationships meet many of our basic needs. How do healthy and fulfilling relationships meet our mental, emotional and physical health needs?

The replies to at least two fellow classmates are crucial to engaging in a meaningful dialogue. Please dig in, be creative and interact with your classmates by offering your thoughts and application of the ideas presented in the chapter reading. Also, be sure to answer any questions your classmates or your instructor ask on your thread. Last, don’t forget to have fun! This assignment is meant to encourage learning by applying class material in a fun, interactive format.

Use video:


Respond to 2 peers:

Peer 1: Alicia Stens

  1. Using social media and texting to communicate with friends and family has really helped to get through not being near family. With my husband in the military and the pandemic it is hard to see family. Having platforms to communicate and share what is happening in my family’s life with other family members has really helped. Even with having a way to still communicate with family it is still hard to be away from them. There is only so much of a connection that can be made through texting and social media that will never be the same as having in person communication with people.
  2. People interact differently on social media or through texting than in person. When communicating in person there is a need to be in conversation at that moment and interacting. When texting or on social media you can come back to the conversation when it is convenient for you instead of always being in the conversation fully. People can also feel like they can be more honest through text because they do not have to have a conversation with someone face to face. It can make them feel more comfortable to fully say how they feel without having to see how the person reacts directly.
  3. I have experienced problems with encoding or decoding messages from people. It is hard through messages to fully share how you are feeling, and it is hard to sense what the other person is feeling as well. A way that can be reduced is using emojis or different punctuation. These will help you to be able to show how you might feel about the topic of conversation or towards the person at that moment.
  4. Social media and texting can be used in a positive way because it helps to connect people when they are far from each other. It also gives a way to communicate with people in a quick manner that might not need to be an in-person conversation. Social media and texting can be negative because it takes away from the connection between people. People do not have the same connection with each other because they are so used to not being face to face with someone. They would just rather text or use social media to communicate, they do not even want to be on a phone call with people anymore.

Part II.

Having a healthy and fulfilling relationship can meet your mental, emotional, and physical needs because you have someone you can trust to talk to. If you are having a difficult or a wonderful day, you have someone that you know you can talk to about it and feel comfortable without feeling any kind of judgment. Without having someone to talk to you can become overwhelmed with all the emotions you are feeling. Overtime if you keep bottling things up this can lead to anxiety, so it is important to find someone to be able to talk to such as a friend, family, or a counselor.



Peer 2: Payton Svoboda


Part 1

  • Social networks have had a positive effect on my interpersonal communications. I have many friends and family who are in faraway places so typically we are communicating through social networking. Many people I text with, however social networks are most useful for my aunt who is always in a different part of the world. When texting and calling are not possible we communicate through facebook posts and private messaging.
  • I strongly believe we communicate differently when we interact through social networking than face-to-face communication. Through social networks we are easily able to speak our minds, whereas for many we would not say certain things in person. We see this issue mostly through cyber-bullying when one person feels comfortable bullying someone over the internet but would not say those things in person. This is also true when texting because things and how you text something can be taken out of context.
  • Sometimes it can be hard to decode messages from friends and family when they use inaccurate spelling or inaccurate abbreviations. When I was in middle school, I posted on facebook a picture of my friends and I saying the night we had was “lit”. My mother took that as I was doing drugs where I meant it as it was a fun night. In turn, this made that night very difficult to explain, since that saying meant something completely different when she was my age.
  • Social networking sites can impact interpersonal relationship negatively and positively. Social networking can be positive because it can be used to help connect with people who aren’t near, much like I use it for connecting with friends and family. However, it can be negative because when you are constantly texting you take away from the importance of an in person conversation.

Part 2

Having a healthy relationship, we are allowed to feel comfortable with ourselves inside and out, because you are with someone who you trust to not judge you. Communication is an important part of having a healthy relationship. Communication is important to feel connected and open to other people. To feel comfortable enough to express any negative emotion and positive emotion.




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