Fair Use Policy

Academic-related content enjoys immense popularity among our users. We understand that utilizing it in good faith is pivotal in terms of academic integrity, so we developed this Fair Use Policy to provide you with insight into the matter.


Writers using Collegly platform are here to support students and provide academic advice to guide them through the impediments encountered on the academic path. As genuine tutors, they offer various tools to make your studies and overall material comprehension more profound and structured.


You will get most of your studies and build deep expertise if the developments obtained via Collegly platform (hereinafter – “Developments”) are used for the purposes they are designated for. Please read our Fair Use Policy in its entirety to shape an understanding of how the Developments should be treated. This Fair Use Policy constitutes an inherent part of Collegly Terms of Use. In the event of any conflict between the Fair Use Policy and other Collegly documents, the provisions of the Fair Use Policy shall prevail.


No Plagiarism Encouragement

Plagiarism arises when someone uses another person’s work, words, or ideas without attribution. Plagiarism constitutes a violation of academic standards and is  a matter of academic integrity.

At Collegly, we have zero tolerance to any form of plagiarism. Everything our writers do is intended to expose knowledge which might be unattainable by the majority of students otherwise due to complexity of learning institution  programs and vast amount of study materials.

You should be aware that access to structured information and techniques to process it (in particular but not limited to, in the form of education programs or customized outlines dealing with particular issues) granted through our platform should be used for research purposes and not for academic misconduct. The role of the writer lies in making a syllabus to present the basics of the topic and indicative plan you might opt to follow to produce your own work.


If you come up with an idea to submit any of the Developments as your own output, you will only disadvantage yourself by being deprived of knowledge you would acquire if they were used in due manner. We encourage you to be diligent and preserve academic integrity by using any Development in conformity with your academic institution regulations, pertinent state legislation, this Fair Use Policy and good sense.


What is Fair Use of Developments?


Developments are designated to serve for educational purposes:


(i) Provide you an overall idea, understanding, concept of the topic/issue explored;


(ii) Clarify the requirements of a particular task and make them comprehensible and visual by providing a sample drafted in accordance with such requirements;


(iii) Provide you a guidance on how to deal with a particular topic/issue or assignment;


(iv) Serve as basis or plan for your further research and academic inquiry;


(v) Equip you with a relevant terminological and conceptual apparatus to be used when dealing with a particular topic/issue;


(vi) Structure your comprehension by providing a logical framework you can rely on to trace the thought and understand the interconnections between the various aspects of the topic/issue to reproduce and develop it by your own means;


(vii) Supply you with a list of resources to use for reference, further research and penetration into the topic/issue;


(viii) Considered that they are customized to your educational background and level of expertise, to explain you the topic in “plain language”, – the feature the standard academic programs usually lack.


Developments shall be treated as follows:


(i) To get additional resource to study the topic/issue you are working on;


(ii) To capture the overall idea and use it as a jumping-off point to produce an original outcome by your own;


(iii) To double-check that your own comprehension of topic/issue is correct, that you have encompassed all the aspects to be considered in dealing with a particular topic/issue;


(iv) To understand the crucial points of the topic/issue outlined by the writer to focus your own research around them;


(v) To shape your own ideas, views, arguments and thoughts in order to produce your original work;


(vi) To oppose the Development, express and set out a contrary view;


(vii) To paraphrase and summarize the ideas set forth in the Development to the extent the originality of your work is preserved, resorting to compulsory citing of sources where the ideas dealt with were taken from unless it is common knowledge that does not need to be footnoted;


(viii) Provided that the Development is built in accordance with academic requirements (citing, quoting, referencing, plan, other – depending on the type of task), to verify that your research complies with such requirements by using our sample outlining them and making them visual.


Ensuring Fair Use


By using Collegly platform and Developments, you undertake not to submit to your academic institution any Development or a part of it as your own work, or claim your authorship and ownership of copyright otherwise. The above refers to insignificant amendments done by you as well – please ensure originality by following the mandates from “What is Fair Use of Developments?” Section hereof, and use appropriate software to double-check.

You recognize, agree and accept that Developments are samples designated to promote your comprehension and academic expertise via providing you with customized and enhanced educational tools. We reserve the exclusive rights to distribute Developments, and grant you non-exclusive license to use them in non-commercial manner without any further distribution for your own educational purposes under this Fair Use Policy and other applicable terms as may be published within Collegly website from time to time.


By using Developments contrary to our Fair Use Policy, you understand that you may face the consequences provided for by your academic institution regulations and pertinent state legislation. You agree to indemnify and save harmless Collegly and any affiliated entities and persons thereof against any and all liabilities for anything done or omitted by you with regard to Developments where you didn’t comply with our Fair Use Policy.


Where you disagree with our Fair Use Policy, please do not access and use Collegly website and platform and the Developments. Please then you are advised to terminate your user account.


Contact Us


We are always happy to hear from you, and we call on you to assist us in preserving academic integrity.

Should you have any questions regarding our Fair Use Policy or become aware of any violations connected to Developments or unfair use thereof contrary to our Fair Use Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us via support@collegly.com.