Cookie Policy

Data collection on our website has to be transparent. We want our clients to know which data is collected, and this policy is dedicated to the description of the usage of the cookies whenever you visit our website.

The cookie policy is compatible with our Privacy Policy.

Cookies are small and unique text files that are forwarded by us to your computer or mobile device. Cookies that are session-based last when you keep your browser open, and afterward they are deleted as soon as the web browser is closed. Persistent cookies are in use till the moment they are removed (deleted) from your browser manually or simply until they expire.

More detailed information about cookies can be found on this website:

Our website uses session-based and persistent cookies to provide you with the service and to ease the navigation process on the website. Our own cookies are present on the website, together with the third party cookies that include Google Analytics. Specific cookies are linked to your account and your personal data to obtain information regarding your ordered services and to track whether you are currently logged in. Other cookies are not connected with your account but are unique and allow to perform analytical processes and customization. They also may be used to recognize you as a client and to ensure that you will get a personalized experience while visiting our website: they allow to remember your preferences and offer corresponding services in case needed. In addition, cookies allow to speed up and secure your interaction with our website. Cookies help us market more effectively to users that our partners and we believe may be interested in our services.

Cookies may be managed by your browser. In most of the cases, this is a prohibition of cookies, which is linked to the possibility to use cookies that serve your interests. It means that some browsers allow cookie management for specific websites. You may change cookies preferences in your browser to: avoid third-party cookies from Google Analytics on its website; avoid interest-based targeting through ad servers. Your device settings allow you to control your ability to see online interest-based ads.

In cases when cookies usage is limited by the web browser, you may worsen your overall experience and/or even lose the ability to access preferable services due to the absence of personalization; customized setting may also no longer be available.


Main cookie usage purposes:


Security: cookies are used to detect malicious activities.

Authentication: cookies allow to provide corresponding services and customize your experience when you are signed in.

Preferences and Services: cookies tell us your preferable language and preferences in communication.

Performance analytics: cookies show general convenience and usability of the website, which allows improving features and services.

Marketing: cookies are used for the delivery of marketing campaigns.