Final Paper

You have decided to open a new business location. It can be a new facility for an existing business, or a new business which does not currently exist.

1. Choose a location for the new facility. Explain why you chose that location.

2. Describe what the facility will produce, and estimate the correct capacity.

3. Design the layout of the facility, and draw a plan of the interior and exterior.

4. Analyze the items and quantities of inventory which must be kept on site.

5. Evaluate the economic, environmental and social impacts of the new facility.

NOTE: Examples would be opening a new retail store, medical office, health club,
hair salon, restaurant, or repair shop.

Economic impacts should include estimates of jobs created. Environmental impacts should include traffic, air quality, water quality and solid waste issues. Note that social impacts may be difficult to identify, but may include healthier individuals, and opportunities for recreation, entertainment, culture and/or family activities.

Paper must include a bibliography.

Book reference:
Essentials of Operations Management, 2nd Ed.
Slack, Pearson Education Ltd., 2018
ISBN-13: 978-1292238845